Punk with a candy-twist in cheerleader style, that is Tiger Bell for those who have not heard them.

The band  released their debut album “Don’t Wanna Hear About Your Band” in the fall of 2013 and got nominated for a Swedish P3 Gold award in the category “Best rock/metal” and two Swedish alternative Grammies for “Best video” and “Best Punk Rock”.

Tiger Bell are constantly on tour and this summer you can see them at among others Rock En Seine, Bråvalla and Troll Rock. Check all dates here!

Tiger Bell’s website

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Nervous Nellie has released the new single “Skeletons”, listen to it here. This us the first sound from their new album “Where The Nightmare Gets In” that is released later this year. The album peeks inside the band’s nightmares and dreams and has been divided into three chapters, each one representing a certain brain state.

The Tarantula Waltz are playing Debaser in Stockholm 20th of September. Listen to the album “Tinder Stick Neck” here!

Cristian Dinamarca has a new track, “Crazy Over You”, out. Listen to it here!

Tiger Bell are doing a bunch of festivals all over Europe, see all dates here. The short documentary “Go Get It” about the band can be seen here!

Congratulations to Ossler for Swedish Grammy nomination in the category “Rock album of the year“! The album was co-produced by Mikael Herrström. Listen to a few of Mikael’s productions here.

Samling covers Swedish punk legends Ebba Grön on the tribute album “Tyst För Fan” released November 20th. Listen to their version of “Beväpna er” here! On October 11th a “re-vocal” version featuring Eva Dahlgren of the track “Natten” was released. See the video here!

Grande Roses are currently writing new songs. See the latest single “Waiting for the night” here!

Andreas Söderlund recently co-wrote, produced and recorded Leo Leoson track “Contemporary Dancer”, check the video here!



Upon hearing some of the songs from this album The Tarantula Waltz was dubbed “Best of What’s Next” by Paste Magazine last fall. The man behind the moniker is Markus Svensson, a 28 year old hailing from Stockholm and one of Sweden’s most talented singer/songwriters. Whether seen and heard on stage as the proverbial guitar picking bard solo act or in a full-blown band context, Svensson always deliver the goods.

With two full length albums to his name so far the Stockholm musician released his third outing entitled “Tinder Stick Neck” on April 23rd 2014. Musically the album is somewhat somber, heavier and at the same time also airier and with a warmer sound then the previous albums. It is best described as Alternative Folk for the 21st century with peers such as Laura Marling, Jason Molina, Damien Jurado, The Tallest Man On Earth and Feist. Guest appearances include the outstanding chanteuse Idiot Wind and two-thirds of Swedish folk trio sensation Nordic.

The Tarantula Waltz’s website

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WIFE tracks

Here you can listen to a few tracks by WIFE artists, enjoy!



Club goers in Stockholm has recognized the curly hair and big smile behind the decks for a long time but few know that Cristian Dinamarca is one of the architects in the Swedish club collective Svensk Bas and the man behind the sound of amongst other Swedish rapper Gnučči.

In 2014 he will step out from behind the decks and begin releasing music in hos own name. Check out his Soundcloud set and get ready to dance!

Cristian Dinamarca’s Website

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Four guys. Two sets of brothers. Two coasts. Two countries. Four albums. One love. That amounts to a total of fifteen something’s, all equally important to the end result which is Nervous Nellie. Maybe these things are what solely make these people so marvellous. Maybe Nervous Nellie is solely marvellous because they let us laugh & cry without indignity.

More info here!

Nervous Nellie’s website

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Introducing Sweden’s finest, Samling. A collective friends and musicians that came together to create music inspired by the 60′s and 70′s Swedish music and arts movement. And from there to create something new and interesting. Something that tells what they experience and us who they are. Samling provide warm folkish rock with delicately enhanced psychedelic vibes. Everything entwined with heavy grooves and dreamy melodies. When playing live, the focus is on the joy of playing their music, bobbing heads and grooving along with the audience.

Happiness in music as its best! Don’t miss!

More info here!

Samling’s website

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Milk gone sour and wheat from Värmland, that’s the foundation for our sound. From this restless void we found our wish to take it all back. Back from the electronic machines, back to floating song structures far away from excessive soundscapes. We wanted to find a freedom where there was no need to think to guess/second guess the next chord. How far can you take it without leaving its’ most simple form? We want to make music without motivating it. Like it should be. Like it can be. Like it is. That’s Grande Roses to you!

More info here!

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WIFE is an artist / producer management company.

WIFE provides help with Music Supervision for advertising agencies, brands and production companies.

WIFE founder, Hampus Kivimäe, is representing Sweden in the board of Nordic showcase festival by:Larm and is also member of the board at music aggregator BD Pop.

WIFE is based in Stockholm, Sweden.



Andreas Söderlund is a producer/song writer who is known under various artist alias such as Niccokick, It’s a bird! it’s a plane! and Sounds Like Violence. He has produced and written songs to artists such as Hello Saferide, Nervous Nellie and Leo Leoson to name a few.
He frequently works with songwriter/producer Daniel Alexander (Cee Lo Green, Shakira etc).

Andreas Söderlund’s Facebook


Mikael Herrström is a producer/mixer/engineer of the old school who has made records with the biggest names in Sweden for the last 20 years. He works mainly in the legendary Stockholm based Atlantis studio where artist like Coleman Hawkins, Primal Scream, Lenny Kravitz and ABBA (to name a few) have recorded during it’s +40 years of existence.

More info here!

Mikael on Wikipedia


WIFE handles music related issues.
WIFE deals with branding and definition of musical profiles and music supervision – in films, TV, commercials, musicals and computer games.

WIFE will help you
- define your need and formulate a goal
- with guidance throughout the working process
- secure your satisfaction

Learn how to communicate with music. It will give you a unique platform to stand on.
Try it.

Bellow you can see some of the other stuff we have been part of creating over the years!





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