It takes just three seconds for Elias’s debut single “Revolution” to leave an indelible impression. That voice emerges from out of the ether: tender yet possessing an evident power, it builds into a powerful crescendo which exudes the passion of soul. It’s a vocal you’d expect from someone whose talents had been seasoned by decades of performance and heartache.

Yet a second surprise is soon forthcoming, for Elias is just 19-years-old.

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Club goers in Stockholm has recognized the curly hair and big smile behind the decks for a long time but few know that Cristian Dinamarca is one of the architects in the Swedish club collective Svensk Bas and the man behind the sound of amongst other Swedish rapper Gnučči.

The latest EP from Dinamarca includes a variety of guest vocalists and co-producers such as GNUCCI, Dj New Jersey Drone, Zutzut, Al Tariq and Kassandra. The EP is a genre-defying take on dance music, but most of it rooted in futuristic reggaeton.

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Henrik Jonzon is a Chicago-born Swede that grew up in the USA making the English language a stand out strength as far as Swedish songwriters go. Musically he has one foot in the indie rock tradition and the other firmly locked into urban, rnb and mainstream pop.
He dabbles in production but his main forte is songwriting & top lining. It’s all about the melody for Henrik. Melody as well as direct, simple and at times somewhat quirky lyrics.

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Elias debut single “Revolution” is featured in the trailer to the computer game “Forza Motorsport 6” check it!

Today Seaside Heights release their debut EP “Start of Something Beautiful“, check it out at Spotify!

Samling are in the studio recording their third album, follow them on Instagram to see how it goes. Also check out their latest single “Tomma På Allt“!

HYENA is getting a lot of love for his production of Elias debut single “Revolution” that, he also co-wrote. He is also in the charts with the new Ms Henrik “Slow Dancing“.

Cristian Dinamarca has dropped a new bootleg, “Sufrimiento! He also has a new EP “No Hey Break” out via STAYCORE. Have a listen to the first single “A.M.A.B” that features Gnucci.

Nervous Nellie are playing Hamburg and Berlin late March and they will most definitely play songs from their new album “Where The Nightmare Gets In“. See the dates here and check out video to latest single “Beacons“.


HYENA kopia

HYENA is a producer/song writer who has worked with artists such as Elias, Erik Rapp, Hello Saferide, Suvi, Nervous Nellie, Erik Rapp, Maja Francis, Sirena and Leo Leoson to name a few.

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Seaside Heights2

Mixing slick melodies, multifarious lyrics, arena rock and Brooklyn indie, Seaside Heights started out in the summer of 2012, with a unique combination of melancholy and optimism.

Their debut single, “Turnover”, was voted best unsigned act by Swedish national radio P3 listeners five weeks in a row and got playlisted (for those interested, it’s the Swedish equivalent of Radio 1)

For fans of The National, Interpol and Tiger Lou, the band mediates a big pathos that’s hard to harness.

Seaside Heights Website

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WIFE tracks

Here you can listen to a few tracks by WIFE artists, enjoy!


Four guys. Two sets of brothers. Two coasts. Two countries. Four albums. One love. That amounts to a total of fifteen something’s, all equally important to the end result which is Nervous Nellie. Maybe these things are what solely make these people so marvellous. Maybe Nervous Nellie is solely marvellous because they let us laugh & cry without indignity.

More info here!

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WIFE is an artist / producer management company.

WIFE provides help with Music Supervision for advertising agencies, brands and production companies.

WIFE founder, Hampus Kivimäe, is representing Sweden in the board of Nordic showcase festival by:Larm and is also member of the board at music aggregator BD Pop.

WIFE is based in Stockholm, Sweden.



Introducing Sweden’s finest, Samling. A collective friends and musicians that came together to create music inspired by the 60’s and 70’s Swedish music and arts movement. And from there to create something new and interesting. Something that tells what they experience and us who they are. Samling provide warm folkish rock with delicately enhanced psychedelic vibes. Everything entwined with heavy grooves and dreamy melodies. When playing live, the focus is on the joy of playing their music, bobbing heads and grooving along with the audience.

Happiness in music as its best! Don’t miss!

More info here!

Samling’s website

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Postal address: Skeppargatan 39 | 114 52 Stockholm | Sweden
Mail: info(at)wifesthlm.com